The Natural Stone Box gabions are quick and easy to assemble. It only takes a few simple steps to assemble the cage and fill it with pebbles and gravels.

1) Place the base and line up the two short sides

2) Line up the long sides

3) Close all corners with a pair of pliers or by helping yourself with a hammer

4) Stir up the short side and approach them to block with long sides

5) Stir up the long sides

6) Fix the long sides with the short ones

7) Close the corners with a pair of pliers, if necessary only the first one up

8) Place the rods inside to avoid any deformation of the gabion

9) Place the top centered

10) Proceed with the closing of the top

11) Natural Stone Box gabion is assembled

12) Choose the pebbles or gravels to insert

13) Fill the Natural Stone Box gabion to the top

14) Close with the top

15) Tighten the hooks with pliers

16) Natural Stone Box gabion is assembled

Download the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS to see the details of each single model.